Shaka Bunduby Penny Penny (Vinyl Record)

Penny Penny: Shaka Bundu (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. The remarkable story of South African singer and dancer Penny Penny is fit for Hollywood. A nearly homeless janitor without formal education gets a record deal, becomes a multi-platinum selling pop star, plays stadiums across Africa, then builds a career as a popular politician for Nelson Mandela's African National Congress party. Penny Penny's debut recording Shaka Bundu, recorded in 1994, is the album that launched a 34-year-old Giyani Kulani Kobane from the streets of Johannesburg to the national political spotlight. Shichangani, Shibandza, Ndzihere Bhi, Dance Khomela, Shaka Bundu, Zirimini, Milandu Bhe, Shichangani