Fol Chen: The False Alarms (Vinyl LP)

Fol Chen: The False Alarms (Vinyl LP)

Asthmatic Kitty

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Vinyl LP pressing. Fol Chen make the soundtrack to a future that never was. To listen is to leave the comfort of nostalgia and land with both feet in a bolder 21st century. The False Alarms continues the band's electro-pop odyssey, now with a honed character and a more distinct palette of sounds. Fol Chen has also traded it's cloak of anonymity for defiant confidence featuring Sinosa Loa as it's new front voice. It's pop music for people who aren't sure where or when they are, but who know it's nowhere they've been before. The False Alarms, Boys in the Woods, I.O.U, Hemispheres, The Fifth Season, A Tourist Town, You Took the Train, Doubles, 200 Words, This Place Is on TV