Restiform Bodies: TV Loves You Back (Vinyl LP)

Restiform Bodies: TV Loves You Back (Vinyl LP)


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The three-headed post-mod monster called Restiform Bodies is whole once again, dropping their official Anticon debut like a sack of analog televisions onto the fractured landscape of modern urban forms. TV Loves You Back is a dark and dense, art-twisted, New Wave-inflected hip-pop marvel. Strains of ghettotech, crunk, and hyphy twirp and twirl with Eno-like atmospherics and buoyant bass swells, while rapper/songbird Passage warps his vocals over blistering synth. Likewise, the lyrics gallop at a ferocious clip. Like electron shots from a cathode-ray tube, they form a deliciously sardonic image of modern living, and break down into constituents that are metaphysically hopeful, socially relevant, poetic, and playful. Black Friday, Foul, A Pimp-Like God, Panic Shopper, Consumer Culture Wave, Bobby Trendy Addendum, Pick It Up Drop It, Interactive Halloween Bear, Opulent Soul, Ameriscan