Eccentric Soul: Deep City Labelby Various Artists (Vinyl Record)

Various Artists: Eccentric Soul: Deep City Label (Vinyl LP)


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Am I a Good Man - Them Two, Someone to Fulfill My Needs - the Moovers, I Am Controlled By Your Love - Helene Smith, I Don't Need Help - Dynamites Johnny K. Killen, Stay Away from My Johnny - Freda Gray Rocketeers, Thrills and Chills - Helene Smith, Paralyzed - Betty Wright, I Love You Baby - the Moovers, Pain in My Heart - Helene Smith, Upset - Paul Kelly, One Little Dance - the Moovers, Good Lovin' - Betty Wright, Willing and Able - Helene Smith, It's My Baby - Paul Kelly, You Got to Do Your Share - Helene Smith, Good Thing Pt. 1 - Rocketeers Frank Williams, Darling I'll Go [Extended Play] - the Moovers