Germano, Lisa: Magic Neighbor (Vinyl LP)

Germano, Lisa: Magic Neighbor (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing of this 2009 release includes bonus CD copy of the album. Following the release of Lisa Germano's 2006 album, in the Maybe World, and a good deal of subsequent touring, she hid herself away for a long while and this beautiful music started emerging. The depth of feeling in her words and singing on this album is truly remarkable and she never fails to tug at the listener's heart. Somehow it's sad, wistful and hopeful all at once. It's very private solitary music. It's deeply engaging and when you listen to it, you'll stop what you're doing and drift off into Germano's world. Marypan, To the Mighty One, Simple, Kitty Train, The Prince of Plati, A Million Times, Magic Neighbor, Suli-Mon, Snow, Painting the Doors, Cocoon