Disco & Boogie: 200 Breaks and Drums Loops, Vol. 1 (Vinyl LP)

Disco & Boogie: 200 Breaks and Drums Loops, Vol. 1 (Vinyl LP)

Love Injection Rec.

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First break record on the market to compile 80's funk samples. -Introductory record with follow-up volumes and potential of reaching bigger sales with wider groups of library collectors. -Project with extended reach intended to attract a spectrum of hip-hop, electronic, house producers and beyond. -In vogue jacket design printed on reverse board to appeal to more demanding record buyers. The first installment in the series containing a collection of the most sought after and hard to find disco/boogie breaks, drum loops and sounds. This selection of ready-to-use samples from electro-funk and post-disco records offers a pack of in-demand kicks, snares, clapping sounds, horns, vocals, guitar riffs, percussion, drums, synthesizers and slap bass loops, digitally remastered for your beat making pleasure. The first volume contains under-discovered samples you will never find on any other break records and strictly focuses on vinyl that's hard to find at your local stores, flea markets or record shows. This comprehensive slice of 80's club joints is a celebration of evolution from disco and funk to hip-hop and modern deejay dance music. Disco & Boogie: 200 Breaks And Drum Loops is a must-have library for producers and a guide to vivid disco/ boogie collectors. Side A - Disco ; Boogie Breaks ; Drum Loops, Side B - Disco ; Boogie Breaks ; Drum Loops