Mndr & Sweet Valley: Dance 4 a Dollar (Vinyl LP)

Mndr & Sweet Valley: Dance 4 a Dollar (Vinyl LP)

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Sweet Valley is Nathan Williams (Wavves) and his brother Kynan, two bongwater-soaked beat geniuses making rap instrumentals that feel like melted PlayStation games. MNDR is a one-of-a-kind artist and songwriter versed in Britney and breakcore in equal measure. Put them all together with producer Peter Wade and Dance 4 A Dollar is the result, a darkly catchy Cali masterpiece. SV chop up strip club 808's and woozy synths like they're reclaiming trip hop for the DJ Mustard era, while MNDR explores the underbelly of radio song craft, finding the creepiness inside champagne anthems and coating tales of teenage nihilists with Rihanna-worthy ear candy. Decay never sounded so sweet. Like Liars, Holdmealways Makebelieve, Dance 4 a Dollar, Tongues Like Ghosts, Do It Everyday, Dance 4 a Dollar (Alt Mix)