Peanut Butter Wolf: PB Breaks (Vinyl LP)

Peanut Butter Wolf: PB Breaks (Vinyl LP)

Stones Throw

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Peanut Butter Breaks is a very subtle record of sparse bass and drum tracks. Unlike a large portion of break records, the beats are simple and rely on very little to create a steady groove. The drums aren't even the highlight of the first half of the record - the bass is what drives the groove. Jazz samples lurk in the background of all the tracks, revealing somewhat that the record was originally issued in 1994. Peanut Butter Breaks is a low-key classic that is more of a downtempo collection than a hip-hop record. The groove is so locked in that samples of vintage funk hollering or rare breakbeats wouldn't work on the album. The record stands alone and doesn't belong in a crate filled with gimmicky break records.  Peanut Butter Wolf made a unique break record that has all of the important bases covered. Summer's End, Dopestyle, Gold Diggin, Soggy D, Chain Gang, Don't Turn Your Back, Currents, Rape Date, Wake Up Beat, Creepin, Charizma