Charlemagne's Big Thawby Colossal Yes (Vinyl Record)

Colossal Yes: Charlemagne's Big Thaw (Vinyl LP)

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After Comets on Fire played Auckland, Utrillo Kushner met one of his idols, the legendary DIY producer and songwriter Chris Knox. The following day Knox invited Kushner and his bandmates over to his house for conversation and beers. The afternoon was spent in the kitchen (Knox was baking a cake for the Clean's Bangers and Mash anniversary tour) drinking while Knox spun stories of the New Zealand music underground of yore. From this experience, Kushner conceived of the initial idea for the second Colossal Yes album. The Fraudulent Singer, A Ballad Is the Air That You Breathe, Charlemagne's Big Thaw, Permafrost Drip, They Feast on Us / We Feed on Them, Marble Moments, Economy of Turquoise, Nothing But Tar ; Feathers, Outskirts of Radiant, Smoldering Steeps