Goatblood: Adoration of Blasphemy & War (Vinyl LP)

Goatblood: Adoration of Blasphemy & War (Vinyl LP)

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Goatblood raise the bar of madness again: 'Adoration of Blasphemy and War' is the first full-length by these satanic Black/Death Metal-disciples. There is no doubt about the band's priorities: low-tuned guitars, a crushing bass, massive drumming and the satanic shouts of Satanic Death Vulva give distinction to the sound. If you're into the war hymns of REVENGE, PROCLAMATION or BLACK WITCHERY The Appearance of the Goatlord, Sado Liquidator, Animal Anal Acrobatic, Arkoholocausted, Eve Pisses on Adam, Deluge in Heaven, Bombing Blood, Necromorph Application Point, Human Waste Disposal, Trident Worship, Op Vulva, Ascension to the South, Mary Fisted Amen, Trumpets of Baphomet, La Chisea Della Capra