Larue, Stoney: The Red Dirt Album (Vinyl LP)

Larue, Stoney: The Red Dirt Album (Vinyl LP)

One Chord Song

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As LaRue reflects on the important connection he has fostered with his fans over 15+ years of touring and recording music, he says I like to connect with people at any age, whatever it might be, sonically or to the depth of what they are willing to think. Together, LaRue and his fans have culled together a favorite, live song set that is dedicated to his loyal and growing fan base. LaRue is known for his real life, thinking man's music as well as his high-energy live concerts with fans singing along to songs such as Feet Don't Touch The Ground, Look At Me Fly, and Oklahoma Breakdown. Being able to connect with fans the way we can today is mind blowing to LaRue. When LaRue's music journey started, communication was restricted mainly to the stage, written letters and before show meet and greets. Now with social media and audience feedback at his shows, he feels closer to them more than ever and looks forward to the future as he travels around the world writing songs as well as performing. Independently charged, LaRue has sold over one million records over his career and plays 200+ shows a year. Stoney LaRue has a new album set for release in November 2019. Down in Flames, Closer to You, Idabel Blues, Downtown, Solid Gone, Walk Away, Texas Moon, One Chord Song, Bluebird Wine, Let Me Hold You, Forever Young