Toy Light: Sightless Unless (Vinyl LP)

Toy Light: Sightless Unless (Vinyl LP)

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Saturated with a dark romanticism and a deep sense of melancholy, Sightless, Unless is the encompassing new release by Los Angeles producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Toy Light. The artist's vaporous falsetto free-floats over an impetuous low end throughout the album, shimmering pale with passion as a moody guitar searches for solace. Newborn tracks evolve from elegant simplicity into complex emotional beings, molten mutations of discord and experimentation. Birth Archive soothes as it stimulates, luring the listener into the dissonance with unbridled design. Entwined is apprehensive yet approachable, and unspeakable anguish inhabits Hiss of the Womb. Impossibly light and intensely moving, Aporia slips through viscous echoes into a spellbound state. At Dusk / New Sun faces you like fate, pensive and shadowed, decaying in order to transform. Lacerated with emotion, Sightless, Unless goes far beyond words to touch the truths of humanity whose unending glare we try desperately to avoid. It is an expression of exquisite existential pain and disturbing beauty, created by an artist whose intricate talent has marked a new space in the post-genre sphere. Birth Archive, Entwined, Hiss of the Womb, Deathless, Aporia, Sober, Attract, Incubation, At Dusk / New Sun, Uprooted