Destroyer: Poison Season (Vinyl LP)

Destroyer: Poison Season (Vinyl LP)

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2015 release. Poison Season opens with Vancouver native Dan Bejar swathed in Hunky Dory strings. He’s a dashboard Bowie surveying four wracked characters—Jesus, Jacob, Judy, Jack—simultaneously Biblical and musical theatre. This bittersweet, Times Square-set fanfare is reprised twice more on the record—first as swaying, saxophone-stoked “street-rock” and then finally as a curtain-closing reverie. “The first and last songs are actually one song tracked live with quintet,” explains their author. “I even sang with the band. That song always swung between super austere and super mid-’70s Springsteen/Bowie street-rock. In the end, I decided I wanted both. Couldn’t really figure out a way to sequence the orchestral version within the record, so I decided to carve it up as a book-ending motif, with the rock version squarely in the middle.” Times Square Poison Season I Destroyer 2:33, Dream Lover Destroyer 3:49, Forces from Above Destroyer 5:52, Hell Is An Open Door Destroyer 3:18, The River Destroyer 3:36, Girl in a Sling Destroyer 3:05, Times Square Destroyer 4:11, Archer on the Beach Destroyer 4:56, Midnight Meet the Rain Destroyer 3:25, Solace's Bride Destroyer 3:44, Bangkok Destroyer 5:14, Sun in the Sky Destroyer 5:34, Times Square Poison Season II Destroyer 3:03