Joyero: Release The Dogs (Vinyl LP)

Joyero: Release The Dogs (Vinyl LP)

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Written and recorded primarily in Marfa, Texas, during a transitional moment between records, cities, and relationships, Release the Dogs occupies it's own liminal space between the natural and the man-made, between the structures we create to keep ourselves safe and the terrifying enormity that exists beyond them. Throughout the record, organic and electronic elements are seamlessly woven together into a single fabric that can be both intimate and explosive. The fingerpicked guitars of After You appear no more or less real than the processed drum machine beats on album opener Alight, just as the tarantula on the album's cover appears no more or less real than the white wall on which it sits. The magic of the image, and the magic of the record, is in the way they are framed together. Release the Dogs finds it's own unique voice by holding opposing ideas and aesthetics in tension with each other, and inviting the listener to find their own answer. Alight, Dogs, Starts, Steepest Stairs, Salt Mine, Man, Small Town Death, After You, Time