Popstrangers: Antipodes (Vinyl LP)

Popstrangers: Antipodes (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. Popstrangers are Joel Flyger, Adam Page and David Larson, three native New Zealanders who make pop music that's hard-driving, punk-influenced and sonically inimitable. After releasing several singles on fabled New Zealand label Flying Nun, the band arrived with their debut album Antipodes. Recorded in the basement of a 1930's dancehall, Popstrangers' first full-length features dissonant, claustrophobic melodies, anchored by the languid affectations of Flyger's vocals, that bring a vintage feel to their decidedly contemporary garage rock. Jane, In Some Ways, Witches Hand, What Else Could They Do, Cat's Eyes, Full Fat, Heaven, Roxy Brown, 404, Occasion