Bullnettle: Bullnettle (Vinyl LP)

Bullnettle: Bullnettle (Vinyl LP)

Dirt Cult

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Limited vinyl LP-only pressing including digital download. 2016 release from former This Is My Fist members. Bullnettle plays urgent, melodic, raspy, and lo-fi rock ‘n’ roll, which would've been labeled as college rock when that meant something cool. There are people who will tell you that This Is My Fist was one of the most urgent, exciting, and important punk bands of the early 2000s. When Annie reached out to tell Dirt Cult that she had started a new band in which she was singing, playing guitar, and writing all the songs, they'd already decided to release a record before the demo she attached finished downloading. Animal Farm, Burn, The Ditch, Ghosts, No Grit, Inside Fight, Red Dog, Tread Lightly Friend, Waiting, Wolves