Pink Siifu: Ensley (Vinyl LP)

Pink Siifu: Ensley (Vinyl LP)

Pink Siifu

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Pink Siifu is a 27 year old artist from Birmingham Alabama raised in Cincinnati Ohio who started making music in 2012. Also apart of a duo group, B. Cool-Aid, (consisting of producer Ahwlee) and always working on music with producer Swarvy, Siifu makes music tht reflects the ideas, life, and struggles experienced through blackness even in light. Most times his music stretches from soul, punk, jazz, rap, and experimental. These days not enough truth, love and clarity are represented so that is aim and foundation. His debut project ensley consisted of faith, family, and community and inspires both his art and communication. He's always working on new music and ways to express whether it be thru visual, audio, or in physical and plans to forever expand the gap and connection between and thru the whole culture. A lot of his music can be found here ronee. Bandcamp. com and on all platforms. Ensley (Smile Made of Gold)(Prod. Bae Bro X Corey Sanchez), Pops Tired (Prod. Grimm Doza), Pray Everyday Ft Ahwlee X LIV.E (Prod. Like), Skin Made of Gold (Prod. Nate B), THT Bag, Proud/Pray (Prod. Budgie X Adé Hakim), On God, Birmingham Skies, Golds and Smiles Ft Maassai (Prod. Lastnamedavid), Manic, Stay Sane (Prod. Navy Blue), Time N Space (Prod. Mike), Outlet Ft Mike (Prod. Ted Kamal), Trauma, Step Out (Prod. Deleon), Eye Smile, Ensley Ft LIV.E (Prod. Infinty Ghost), Garden of Truth Ft Mavi, Decisions Ova Jerk Chicken (Guitar By Slauson Malone), By Any Means Ft Maxo, Black Woman Is God Ft Astra (Funkychunkyy) Marie, No Mo Fux Ft Amiiiritafari X Triiinitytafari (Prod. Cakedog), Peace God Ft Jeremiah Jae (Prod. Jeremiah Jae), Praise God Ft. the Afr0Dite, Melanin Ft Pyramid Vritra (Prod. Pyramid Vritra)