Jeff Healey: Heal My Soul: Bonus Sessions (Vinyl LP)

Jeff Healey: Heal My Soul: Bonus Sessions (Vinyl LP)


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Jeff Healey's lost album, Heal My Soul will be released worldwide March 25th, 2016, to commemorate what would have been Jeff's 50th Birthday. Convexe Entertainment and The Jeff Healey Estate are pleased to offer this unique and limited collectors piece. The Bonus Sessions EP features five previously unreleased Jeff Healey tracks that were all recorded during the same time period as Heal My Soul (1996-1998). These are only available on this 10 EP. These tracks were left off of the album primarily because they didn't quite fit into the flow, but all of the same time and effort was brought to the restoration and revival of these songs. Including such unheard gems as the Healey solo instrumental, CNIBlues and the straight up guitar rocker, Love Takes Time (which had been originally marked for inclusion on Heal My Soul), this record is a must own for any fan. Love Takes Time, Cniblues, Every Other Guy, Dancing with the Monsters, All That I Believe