Run The Length Of Your Wildness 2 (Various Artists)by Various Artists (Vinyl Record)

Various Artists: Run The Length Of Your Wildness 2 (Various Artists) (Vinyl LP)

Hobo Camp

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This album is our Phoenix. Run The Length Of Your Wildness along with it's close community has been through a lot since the Ghost Ship Fire of 2016. We miss our friends so much! This 5 track vinyl compilation was selected from the digital 29-track compilation (on the Run The Length Of Your Wildness Bandcamp) is but a glimpse into our collective mourning, celebration, and creative expression around how we've been managing to carry on. All proceeds will be donated to Cherushii's family. Compiled by Blake Thomas, Arnold Rafael, Ben Winans, and E.M. Malinowski. Mastered by by Mark Pistel and Cover Artwork by Cal Volner-Dison. Thanks to all of our contributors and regular attendants at our Monday night party over the last several years. Special thanks to Kara Marie, David Last, and Sabrina Fox. Dedicated to our wonderful friend and collaborator Cherushii. We love you and miss you every day! Pleasure Corporation feat. Roche and Kara Marie - My Time, Walter Feature - FM92 (Ash Williams Party Mix), Experimental Housewife - Oh Cruel Accrual, Cherushii - Your Love Is Smoke In My Hands, Paramour - Best In Me