Anger And English - Deprogramming The Bigotby Man Is the Bastard (Vinyl Record)

Man Is the Bastard: Anger And English - Deprogramming The Bigot (12-Inch Single)

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Limited ten inch vinyl pressing. For Man Is the Bastard, the years of 1994/1995 were critical years in the bands development and output. Among many releases they documented : two from this time period stand out as prime examples of their cutting edge sound and philosophy : the Man Is the Bastard/Pink Flamingos split seven inch EP (titled Under The Surface/Smashed Visions) and the double seven inch EP set Anger And English featuring Campaign/Factory/Man Is the Bastard/Scapegrace. Now these two contributions by the band have been remastered, re-cut and re-pressed in all their glory onto a single 10 45 rpm EP. Flying Limbs, Tomb Ride, Mr. Wilson, Doll, Media Prophet, Slay or Slander, Squaw