Merge With The Infinite - Worthless In Deathby God's America (Vinyl Record)

God's America: Merge With The Infinite - Worthless In Death (Vinyl LP)

Deep Six Records

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Vinyl LP pressing. From Las Vegas, NV bursts out brutal power-violence/grindcore mix with slow parts. Great mix for fans of Larm and Insect Warfare. Apathetic Leash II, Nothing at All, Throes, Palliation of Life Abuse, Sinkhole, Keep Waiting, A Minced Oath, Pete Rose, Famine in Uganda, No, Recent Studies, Worthless in Deth, 4.2/1.8, Extinction, Trapped in the Gears, Repeating, Decomposition, Charred Remains, Wilderness of Shitheads, Perpetrate/Regurgitate, Das Heilige, Regression, ??, Acceptance, Quietus