Hawkeyes: Poison Slows You Down (Vinyl LP)

Hawkeyes: Poison Slows You Down (Vinyl LP)

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Originally released digitally and on (sold out) cassette back in 2013, Poison Slows You Down by Kitchener sextet Hawkeyes is now seeing a vinyl release, the ideal format for these four tracks of dangerously psychedelic sludge/doom... Poison Slows You Down is captivating at times, others empowering. But at all times is it absorbing. The product of strained amps and dedicated players it penetrates the listener and takes them on a journey. The poison may slow you down but you'll get there in the end. And that just means you'll enjoy it that much longer. Heavy psych doesn't get much better than this. - Hellbound. CA Limited to 450 copies on red transparent vinyl.