Bonham, Tracy: Wax & Gold (Vinyl LP)

Bonham, Tracy: Wax & Gold (Vinyl LP)

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Grammy nominee Tracy Bonham returns with her fifth full-length album. It's been twenty years since Mother Mother leapt off her first album, leading her to the aforementioned nominations, a Gold record, extensive touring and a myriad of fans including her peers (Aerosmith, Blue Man Group, Ron Sexsmith). She has both embraced and eschewed major labels and now releases Wax & Gold on the A Woody Hollow label which allows her to showcase her maturing songwriting while retaining her signature quirkiness. Noonday Demon, Luck, Wax ; Gold, This Here's My Grandpa's Guitar, Oh McKenzie Silver Water, Gonegonegone, Black Tears, From the Tree to the Hand to the Page, Umder the Ruby Moon, Lovelovelovelovelove, One of These Days