Orbit, William: My Oracle Lives Uptown (Vinyl LP)

Orbit, William: My Oracle Lives Uptown (Vinyl LP)

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Double 180 gm vinyl LP pressing features new, original artwork, a beautifully designed eight-page booklet and is presented in a gatefold sleeve. 2009 release, the eighth album from the producer, remixer and Ambient pioneer. His signature sound - sleek and lush, but leaving a cool slipstream in it's wake - is immediately recognizable. Most of tracks on the album feature vocals, even if they are only textures in the mix - and their placement within the track is planned with a remixer's ear for shifts of perspective. 'This is more of a party record than the previous ones,' says William Orbit. 'It's not a serious, po-faced record, it's not ambient - although it has it's ambient moments.' Although My Oracle Lives Uptown is probably William Orbit's most immediate album, it's so subtly layered that it only reveals itself fully after a number of plays. And like his other solo albums, it will surely be resistant to the ageing process. His vision is idiosyncratic and original enough to not to have to try to play catch-up with anyone else, which gives his music a curiously timeless feel. Radioharp, Purdy, Optical Illusion - Billy Buttons Mix, Fast Bubble Universe, White Night, Hydrajacked, My Oracle Lives Uptown, Spotlight Kid, Neutron Star, Treetop Club, Drift So Far (Website Version), Golden Country, Brand New Bong, Little Skipper, Reverie of the Tapir, City Lights Reflection