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DEF LEPPARD Def Leppard is the eleventh studio album by British rock band Def Leppard, released on October 30, 2015. It is Def Leppard's first studio album since Songs from the Sparkle Lounge (2008), marking the longest gap between two studio albums in their career, and their first one to be released on earMUSIC Records. The album became Def Leppard's seventh top ten album after it debuted on the Billboard 200 at number 10. The first single "Let's Go" was released 15 September 2015, alongside the artwork and track listing. The album was produced by Ronan McHugh and Def Leppard. According to vocalist Joe Elliott, the album will consist of 14 tracks with a running time of around 55 minutes. Regarding the sound of the album, he explained "It's just called Def Leppard because that's what it sounds like. It doesn't sound like any one specific era of Def Leppard. It's got everything. Every single aspect of anything we've ever wanted to put out - acoustic, heavy, soft, slow, fast - it's there. That's why we call it Def Leppard because, just like Queen were, we're capable of coming up with vastly different kinds of songs." Guitarist Phil Collen referred to the album as "probably the most diverse thing we've done" as well as "the best thing we've done since Hysteria" as it contains "the loudest rock guitars we've ever had on some tracks." However, he stopped short of calling it an "experimental", album, instead saying that it's "more liberating and expressive". Let's Go 5:02, Dangerous 3:29, Man Enough 3:54, We Belong 5:07, Invincible 3:47, Sea of Love 4:04, Energized 3:23, All Time High 4:19, Battle of My Own 2:42, Broke 'N' Brokenhearted 3:17, Forever Young 2:22, Last Dance 3:10, Wings of An Angel 4:23, Blind Faith 5:33