White Barons: Electric Revenge (Vinyl LP)

White Barons: Electric Revenge (Vinyl LP)

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The party starts when San Francisco's White Barons take the stage - and soon mushrooms into a legendary rager, energized by ripping riffs, shout-along choruses, and lyrics about no-regrets good times. The band has been trading in raw-boned punk n' roll brutality since 2007, the year the four-piece released it's Gearhead debut, Up All Night with The White Barons. On Electric Revenge, their follow up, songs range from broken-hearted barnstormers (Inside Out) ÿto a battery of unapologetic drinkin' and druggin' and screwin' party anthems - like You're Mine Tonight and Black Rider featuring Blag Dahlia from the Dwarves - that recall epic nights spent pounding shots at the bar and waking up the next afternoon stoked to do it all over again. All this joyful debauchery comes courtesy of the towering pipes of vocalist Eva von Slut (Thee Merry Widows), alongside brothers Johnny One Eye and Nate Wahnsinn on guitar and bass. With the Barons leading the charge, the rock n' roll torch burns on ÿ- at both ends. Inside Out [Explicit], Black Rider, My Old Home, Southern Flavor, You're Mine Tonight, Down the Road, Borrowed Time, Walking Wounded, It's All Right, Snake in the Grass [Explicit], Miles and Miles [Explicit]