Various Artists: Squidbox / Various (Vinyl LP)

Various Artists: Squidbox / Various (Vinyl LP)

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The complete SquidHat records vinyl collection in one box! Includes the full-length debut albums from The Quitters, Surrounded By Thieves, Mercy Music, and Sounds Of Threat with original artwork. All original punk from Las Vegas' best young bands! Defi Brillator, Pentazoid, Taught to Hate, Sons of, Siuslaw, Contributing to Erosion, Dragonslayer, Born, Again Atheist, Giant Steps, Hipster, Iswid, Ex Ordo Misdiosis, Monster, Look Away, Experience, Ask Yourself, Entitled, Thomas Kelly Overdrive (Tko), Always Knew, Know Someone, Still the Same, Republic, Tocci, Repeat, Who We Have to Be, It's a Choice, Right Lies, Pretend, Painless, Undone, Your Life, Sentence, Fine, Get Used to It, The Sun Follows You, No Respect, Just a Robbery, Fight Back, Mental Instability, Not My Equal, I Don't Give a Fuck, Yellow Truck, No Self, Control, Domestic Violence, Under Attack, Devil, Oblivion