Further Adventures of Charles Westoverby Del Shannon (Vinyl Record)

Del Shannon: Further Adventures of Charles Westover (Vinyl LP)

Trouble in Mind

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Vinyl LP repressing, back on vinyl for the first time since it's original release in 1968 with remastered audio and restored artwork. Upon hearing Shannon's misunderstood masterpiece for the first time, you gotta wonder - how was this album not a huge hit? Perhaps it was the changing times, music listeners were turning on to heavier sounds, or unwilling to embrace an 'older' artists new output, but tunes like the haunting 'Silver Birch' and 'Gemini' and the cinematic popsicle of 'Colour Flashing Hair' and 'Magical Musical Box' (not to mention the rockin' 'Runnin' on Back' with it's scorching layered lead guitar solos!) found their way into the eardrums of collectors everywhere and the album became an absolute cult classic. Thinkin' It Over, Be My Friend, Silver Birch, I Think I Love You, River Cool, Colour Flashing Hair, Gemini, Runnin' on Back, Conquer, Been So Long, Magical Musical Box, New Orleans (Mardi Gras)