Terry Funk: Tougher Than Shoe Leather (Vinyl LP)

Terry Funk: Tougher Than Shoe Leather (Vinyl LP)

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It seems like more and more you are hearing people say that Terry Funk is their favorite professional wrestler of all time. From his first match in 1965 to his last match in 2017, he has devoted his life to making every fan really feel something when they see him in an arena or on their television. He has made audiences scream, laugh, cry, and even actually stab him with knives (multiple times)! Even if you are not a wrestling fan, you'll recognize the Funker from his roles in Road House, Over the Top, and more. He was world heavyweight champion in 1975, but in the 90's he started to get extra crazy, competing in Japanese death matches involving explosives and doing back flips outside of the ring in his fifties. Despite being one of the most vicious, scariest wrestlers of all time, Mr. Funk is actually one of the sweetest men the sport has ever seen. He is universally revered and respected all over the world.For years, we dreamed of releasing a vinyl record of Terry Funk telling stories and it has finally happened! Recorded in his home office in Amarillo, Texas, Tougher Than Shoe Leather is 40 minutes of national treasure Terry Funk speaking about his entire incredible life - growing up in Amarillo, winning the world heavyweight championship, becoming a true Japanese hero, retiring and returning dozens of times - all while having the endless support of a loving family.