Jukebox Romantics: Transmissions Down (Vinyl LP)

Jukebox Romantics: Transmissions Down (Vinyl LP)


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Vinyl LP pressing. Coming on the heels of its Jailhouse Records debut 7, Jukebox Romantics' third full-length (and fifth release) Plot Points is finally seeing the light of day. Transmissions Down brings something a bit different from The Jukebox Romantics mixing up elements of its tried and true, feel- good anthems, along with some harder edged straightforward punk rock, and even touch of hardcore thrown in. You can tell where their influences have come from over the years since it's last label, although it may also have something to do with being produced by good friend and fellow NYC punks The Bouncing Souls' Pete Stenkopt. Fresh and ripe for the picking by its brand new booking agency, new label, and relentless touring schedule, The Jukebox Romantics are effectively taking over. Living with Sin, Disappointed, East Coast Communication, Darling Daisy, Art of Wrestling with Life, All Grownups Are Pirates, We Kill Pirates, Spilling Your Intestines, Son of Brohaul, The Basement Song