Sons of Belialby Tenebrae / Panzerbastard (Vinyl Record)

Tenebrae / Panzerbastard: Sons of Belial (12-Inch Single)


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Two of Boston's finest come together for their long awaited (two years in the making) split 12 EP featuring some of the hardest material either band has ever done, and sporting a kick ass MOTORHEAD cover by PANZERBASTARD, and a GBH cover of Drugs Party. This record is a definite must-have for fans of the genre. PANZERBASTARD comes pissed off with thousand mile an hour ferocity, doing what they do best. Getting you pissed and ready to punch everyone in the face. TENEBRAE features current members of AGNOSTIC FRONT, SLAPSHOT, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, THE UNSEEN, RAMALLAH as well as a resume of Boston Hardcore bands that would make any fan drool in delight. Both bands come strong with songs about Satan, pagan ritualism, contempt for society, and general hate and vile spew, as only Boston can bring. Cut at 45rpm on heavy double-sided 12 vinyl, this slab is LOUD! Wake Up, Ways of the Black, Norse Tribe, Workhorse, Drugs Party in 526, Iron Fist