Taxidermists: Honesty Box (Vinyl LP)

Taxidermists: Honesty Box (Vinyl LP)

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Taxidermists are two friends from Massachusetts. Guitarist and singer Cooper Handy and drummer Salvadore McNamara have been playing together since they met (on Myspace) in 2007. Honesty Box is the compulsive, insistent music of 21-year-old kids who grew up on Polvo not Pearl Jam, the Kinks not Kanye: eight propulsive tracks which never lose momentum, convulsing into ecstatic sludgy outbursts when you least expect it. This record captures the spirit of Western Mass for a new generation. This is the fourth Taxidermists LP, but the first available outside Massachusetts, and the first in Hi-Fidelity. Written on a farm in Hadley, perfected on tour, and recorded by Elisha Wiesner at his Studio Double Platinum on Martha's Vineyard. Mastered by the legendary Bob Weston in Chicago. Be 1, Oldie, Team, Raft, Big Enough for the Truth, Never Seen, Tightrope, Rel Young