Eurokrjemby Beglomeg (Vinyl Record)

Beglomeg: Eurokrjem (Vinyl LP)

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The septet Beglomeg played it's first concert at Oslo's House of Dance in 2009, and has since released two 12 and performed far and wide. This is their debut album. One can't help but to be caught up in the tight musicality, not only in the interaction between the performers but in the performers achievements themselves - the tasteful and serene synthesizers, the riveting saxophone, the ethereal trumpet and the rock steady funk drive of the drums and bass. The album comprises nine tracks within a myriad of genres, the most obvious being a form of extended rock - rock with a dash of prog-disco and new age. The band defines itself with self-invented terms such as dizzie listening, black Jenka and Eurohope. Hvem Skal Dømme Egentlig, Mystik Face, Eau de Cologne, Lepje Eurokrjem Brjoder, The Land of 1000 Snakes I: Present Universe/Moon Skin Licknata, The Land of 1000 Snakes II: The Man, The Land of 1000 Snakes Iii/Iv: The Land/ the Snakes, The Endless River, VI Lever