Sacri Montiby Sacri Monti (Vinyl Record)

Sacri Monti: Sacri Monti (Vinyl LP)

Tee Pee Records

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SoCal five-piece Sacri Monti traffic in liquefied kosmiche bliss. The natural word to follow that is exclusively, but that's not quite true in this case, as it would indicate a single-mindedness that neither they nor their self-titled six-track/43-minute Tee Pee Records full-length debut actually possess, the album instead working in a natural-flowing, bright toned spectrum of guitar-driven, organ-laced classic heavy psych, six-stringers Brenden Dellar (also vocals) and Dylan Donavon, Evan Wenskay (organ, synth, Echoplex), bassist Anthony Meier (also of Radio Moscow) and drummer Thomas Dibenedetto (also of JOY) touching on progressive ideas and methods without going full-on krautrock noodle or losing their sense of groove, which remains paramount through the initial shuffle of Staggered in Lies and the harder-hitting swing of Glowing Grey in the 14-minute one-two punch that leads off. Staggered in Lies, Glowing Grey, Slipping from the Day, Sitting Around in a Restless Dream, Ancient Seas and Majesties, Sacri Monti