Sunder: Sunder (Vinyl LP)

Sunder: Sunder (Vinyl LP)

Tee Pee Records

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French heavy psychedelic rock band Sunder has signed to Tee Pee Records. Formerly known as The Socks, the group is known for it's edgy, electric sound that draws from the heavier side of 1960s / 70s rock and swings with acid grooves. Sunder's self-titled Tee Pee debut channels addictive, darkwave heavy rock through a psychedelic lens, resulting in catchy, melodious tunes that build to creative crescendos before releasing the listener into a vast void of swirling sound. Sunder's hallucinogenic music has an LSD-laced soul that boosts the band's dialed-in directive and builds new paths towards it's ever-evolving, mod metamorphosis. Deadly Flower, Cursed Wolf, Daughter of the Snows, Wings of the Sun, Bleeding Trees, Eye Catcher, Thunder and Storm, Don't Leave It Behind, Luscid Dreams