Sunlight on the Moonby Elf Power (Vinyl Record)

Elf Power: Sunlight on the Moon (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2013 release from the Athens, Georgia-based Indie outfit. The band recorded the record in a variety of settings ranging from singer/songwriter Andrew Rieger's home studio, to Athens, GA's the Glow studio, to Lavonia, GA's Gypsy Farm Studios, a long derelict Country music theater located in rural Georgia. The album's title originates from accounts Rieger read of astronauts who described their experience of walking on the moon as disorienting and hallucinatory due to the utter darkness of the shadows on the moon, describing their own shadows as pieces of night following them around. Some of the songs sprung from a return to Elf Power's original mode of songwriting, writing and recording the song simultaneously without rehearsal. Transparent Lines, A Grey Cloth Covering My Face, Lift the Shell, Sunlight on the Moon, Grotesquely Born Anew, Things Lost, Darkest Wave, You're Never Gonna Go to Heaven, Strange Designs, Manifestations, Total Annihilation, Chromosome Blues, A Slow Change