Fort Apache Sessionsby Red Dye No. 5 (Vinyl Record)

Red Dye No. 5: Fort Apache Sessions (Vinyl LP)

Silver Girl

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Vinyl LP pressing. Shortly after forming Red Dye No. 5 in 1993, Lisah Nicholson (vocals), Patrick Padilla (guitar), James Reader (bass), and Scott Frazier (drums) recorded their first demo at Hit Single Studios. Within weeks Silver Girl released the band's debut 7 single. Affirmed by glowing reviews in Raygun, CMJ, Alternative Press, Cake, and a slew of magazines and fanzines from around the globe, Red Dye No. 5 quickly released a follow-up single on Candy Floss Records. With their second single just as well received by the press and college radio stations, the quartet joined Julianna Hatfield, Elastica, Low Pop Suicide, Everclear, Hum, Versus, Licorice, The Swirlies, The Raymond Brake, Hula Hoop, and a host fellow indie standouts on stages across the country. Live, the band was hitting it's stride and building quite a buzz. In 1995 the band signed to Flip Records and agreed with the band to put producer Tim O'Heir at the helm of the recordings. The band spent over a month in Cambridge rehearsing, tracking and mixing what would have become their debut LP. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the label or the band's management, internally the band was beginning to fracture. The once prolific team of songwriters had become uninspired and distant from one another. By the time they arrived in Massachusetts, they had not written a new song in over eight months. Distracted by their rigorous schedule the quartet ended up a dysfunctional collective, despite carefully maintaining a public façade that they were still a productive team. Eventually, the band fell victim to clichés, as alcohol, drugs and egos tore apart their camaraderie. The mixing sessions at Fort Apache Studios were among the last moments the band would work together. Red Dye No.5 broke up shortly after returning home - on the eve of great potential. Following the dissolution of Red Dye No. 5, the band members would form AM Vibe and Dewey Defeats Truman. Two decades following it's creation, Red Dye No. 5's long-lost album is finally a reality. Sifting through a large number of song variants and mastered songs originally planned for release as the band's debut album. Coupled with some extras - favorite tracks of the band and label - the 'Fort Apache Sessions' serves as more of a retrospective than simply the realization of an unreleased album in it's entirety. Hope, Speedball, Pigeon, Supro, Sugar Time, Train Ride, Green Ranch, Redo, Not Again You, Head Fuck, Heart of Glass, Super Duper