Le Concorde: House (Vinyl LP)

Le Concorde: House (Vinyl LP)

Le Grand Magistry

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Vinyl LP pressing. With Le Concorde's House, Stephen Becker has created his most ambitious and personal record to date. Following a difficult move to California from Chicago, Becker was forced to reevaluate and come to terms with a new city and reality. The struggle to let go of the past, the desire to seek new beginnings and challenges, and the exhilaration of leaving to find a new sense of place comprises the sound of House, a record with the guitar and synth-driven elation of Le Concorde's past crossed with a maturity of songwriting that Becker has been striving toward his entire career. The Movement of Cherry Blossom Shadows, Who's Ever Gonna Feel Sorry for Us, Kisses with Comet Tails, New Day, Sick As Your Secrets, If Not Now, Sometimes It's Hard, Any Bitter Truth, Make Our Move