Hard Dreamby Copy (Vinyl Record)

Copy: Hard Dream (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2010 release from Copy (AKA Marius Libman), the one man, keytar wielding, melodic beat master of Portland Oregon's underground dance music scene. Innovative and catchy, he was first known for eruptive dance parties, until his debut album proved how headphone friendly his music was and fans kept Copy spinning the morning after the sweat had dried and long into the work week. Earning praise from music nerds, DJs, and party kids, before he managed to catch the ears of even the electro haters and indie rockers, and was the first solo/electronic artist to ever get voted Best New Band by Portland alt weekly the Willamette Week. One Less Time, Shoots, Breakfast, Something, I Can Smell It, Real Scared, It Could Have Been More, I Didn't Know, On One Condition, Stay Away from It