Big Western Sky Vol. 2by Kik Tracee (Vinyl Record)

Kik Tracee: Big Western Sky Vol. 2 (Vinyl LP)

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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. 2017 collection from the L.A.-based hard rockers containing b-sides, demos and rarities. These recordings are from the classic No Rules/Field Trip era, recorded prior to the band splitting up. These tracks have sat in a vault and are finally seeing the light of day for the first time in 25 years. The band was formed in a Los Angeles suburb in 1988. The band was sometimes accused of being a clone of Guns N' Roses. Others argue that the band's complexity and depth placed them on a higher level than the average band in Los Angeles. Despite their technical skill and musicianship, Kik Tracee is of the many third-wave glam metal bands in the early 1990s swept out of commercial visibility due to the popularity of the alternative music scene. Their sound has been described as being similar to L.A. Guns, Britny Fox and Faster Pussycat. Field Trip (Demo), Outta My Bed (Demo), Shine (Demo), Walking with a Dead Girl (Demo), Under the Influence (Demo), Drop in the Ocean (Demo), Blood Brother (Demo), Drop in the Ocean (Live on Pirate Radio), In Trance (Demo)