Hatchet: Dying To Exist (Vinyl LP)

Hatchet: Dying To Exist (Vinyl LP)


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Vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release from San Francisco Bay Area thrashers Hatchet. Fueled by the twin guitar attack of vocalist Julz Ramos and Clayton Cagle, bassist Devin Reiche, and drummer Ben Smith, The Hatchet members have built a name and reputation for themselves carrying the torch of classic Bay Area metal. The follow-up to 2015's Fear Beyond Lunacy, Dying To Exist is the band's heaviest and most focused release to date. Since hitting the Bay Area Metal scene in early 2007, Hatchet quickly made a name for itself. They worked hard to gig as often as they could and also not compete with, but group together bands of the like to help strengthen the scene. Unraveling Existence, Silent Genocide, Desire for Oppression, Illusions of Hope, Warsaw, Where Futures Regress, Back Into Dust, Final Sanctuary, Descent Into Madness, Oblivious to Disorder, Hail to the Lies, World in a World