Mountain Movesby Deerhoof (Vinyl Record)

Deerhoof: Mountain Moves (Vinyl LP)

Joyful Noise Records

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Slow Motion Detonation (Feat. Juana Molina), Con Sordino, I Will Spite Survive (Feat. Jenn Wasner), Come Down Here and Say That (Feat. Laetitia Sadler), Gracias a la Vida, Begin Countdown, Your Dystopic Creation Doesn't Fear You (Feat. Awkwafina), Ay That's Me, Palace of the Governors, Singalong Junk (Feat. Xenia Rubinos), Mountain Moves (Feat. Matana Roberts), Freedom Highway, Sea Moves (Feat. Chad Popple and Devin Hoff), Kokoye, Small Axe