Lontalius: I'll Forget 17 (Vinyl LP)

Lontalius: I'll Forget 17 (Vinyl LP)


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Vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. Celebrated by taste-making culture websites such as The Fader, Dummy and Stereogum - and loved by a network of established and fast-rising entertainers like Ryan Hemsworth, Nina Las Vegas and Tunji Ige - Eddie Johnston, better known as Lontalius, is one of the most crucial musicians to emerge from Wellington in the last decade. Eddie Johnston has been releasing music since the age of 13, but started to turn heads in the last year and a half with his gorgeous Casio covers of Top 40 songs from Nicki Minaj (Pills N Potions), Beyonce (a gently crooned XO), Ciara (Body Party), Drake, Bieber, Pharrell (a mopey Happy) and others. Approaching the end of his teenaged years, a now 18-year-old Eddie began to create and share his own original compositions. Initially heavy on lo-fi presentation and shoegaze style aesthetics, Eddie's emotionally resonant songs steeped in youth, confusion and sadness have become cleaner, richly melodic, and lyrically focused. A Feeling So Sweet, All I Wanna Say, Kick in the Head, Light Shines Through Dust, Selfless, My Dreams Are Dark, Glow, It's Not Love, I Was More Than, Yr Heart Is Beating