Not So Quiet On The Western Frontby Various Artists (Vinyl Record)

Various Artists: Not So Quiet On The Western Front (Vinyl LP)

Alternative Tentacle

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Double vinyl LP repressing including 'zine and download code. The 1982 Not So Quiet on the Western Front compilation was the first to document the exploding Northern California hardcore punk scene of the early '80s. With 47 tracks clocking in at 74 minutes, it's a massive and diverse set of material where internationally known bands like Dead Kennedys, MDC and Flipper rub elbows with cult favorites such as Church Police, Maniax and Scapegoats. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the album's release, Alternative Tentacles and Maximumrocknroll have repressed the double-LP version of this West Coast punk classic that includes MRR #0 in it's original newsprint format, along with a free MP3 download! Intensified Chaos, Their Mistakes, Dan with the Mellow Hair, Holocaust, Rich Plastic People, Fun with Acid, El Salvador, Collapse, Annihilation, I Don't Wanna Die for My Country, Pay Salvation, What Price Will You Pay?, Fuck Your Amerika, Race War, Turmoil, Don't Conform, Shrunken Heads, A Child and His Lawn Mower, All I Know, Learning Process, Reagum, Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!, G. D. M. F. S. O. B, Assassination Attempt, The Only Good Cop, The Few the Proud the Dead, Scare, Dead Porker, Human Farm, Worker Bee, Premature Enlistment, Sacrifice, No One Listens, S/M Nightmare, Fat Drunk ; Stupid, Libyan Hit Squad, Off to War, Strike Out, Breakout, Shitcan, The Oven Is My Friend, Systems Suck, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Punk Is An Attitude, SLT, No More Riots, New Left