Witch Hunt: Burning Bridges to Nowhere (Vinyl LP)

Witch Hunt: Burning Bridges to Nowhere (Vinyl LP)

Alternative Tentacle

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2009 release from the Philadelphia-based Punks. Their two previous albums, As Priorities Decay and Blood Red States, went after pro-lifers and warmongers. The new one takes a potshot at Palin's Alaska in the title, but you can bet that no subject is spared. Fans of Alternative Tentacles' BlackNoise imprint and groups like I Object, Nausea, and even Disaster Strikes will find comfort in the familiar sounds here, but anyone into melodic Punk with screaming female vocals should also fall in line. 12 tracks. Blind Eyes Blind Lives, Everyday, Counting Down the Days, Septa Death, Silence, Void, Sick Industry, A Slow Decay, Plastic Dream, Reflections, Treadmill-March, Burning Bridges to Nowhere