Kylesa: To Walk a Middle Course (Vinyl LP)

Kylesa: To Walk a Middle Course (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP reissue of Kylesa's 2005 sophomore full-length. Newly remastered by the band, this metal classic helped forge the path for Kylesa's overthrow of the metal underground. To Walk a Middle Course is an important piece of the Kylesa puzzle, a cornerstone of their unique sound, with influences ranging from punk to stoner rock. This window into the collective mind of Kylesa provides a healthy glimpse of where they came from and where they were headed. To Walk a Middle Course sounds as fresh and relevant as it did seven years ago, while Kylesa have gone on to prove themselves as true originals. In Memory, Fractured, Train of Thought, Motion and Presence, Welcome Mat to An Abandoned Life, Bottom Line, Eyes Closed from Birth, Shatter the Clock, Phantoms, Crashing Slow