Nightfell: Darkness Evermore (Vinyl LP)

Nightfell: Darkness Evermore (Vinyl LP)

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2015 release, the sophomore album from the Portland-based metal band. Nightfell stormed decisively onto the worldwide metal scene with the forceful debut album The Living Ever Mourn. Having further fortified their ominous fusion of shadowed disharmony, Nightfell marches forward with Darkness Evermore, a commanding display of power, tension and dynamics. Once more defying easy classification, Darkness Evermore seethes with fiery, apocalyptic energy from the opening moments of At Last until the final Collapse, through the cycle of The Cleansing and Rebirth in between. Ranging from short respites to epics stretching past the ten-minute mark, the album's blackened guitar harmonies and bleak melodies provide a somber counterpoint to the massive, imposing riffs strewn about like bodies on a war torn field. As on the debut LP, great care has been taken to ensure that Darkness Evermore's brutally heavy mix and punishing low end maintains clarity throughout. At Last, Ritual, Cleansing, Rebirth, Eulogy, Cleansing