Lustby Bryan Minus & the Disconnect (Vinyl Record)

Bryan Minus & the Disconnect: Lust (Vinyl LP)

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The debut 7' single from the band Bryan Minus & the Disconnect, Lust, is characterized by the bands counter melodic guitars and Bryan's Unique voice. Limited edition release on white 7' vinyl! The title track Lust might be the sound you get if you mixed Tom Waits with Pink Floyd. A song about obsession, it's based off a simple song structure with a rockin' blues based solo to change the pace. Combining a shoe-gaze composition style with staccato rhythms the song leaves you with a feeling wanting to listen again and again. The second track Wait and See is driving retro indie rock. It's jangly guitars and Smashing Pumpkins-esque leads making you want to crank it up and rock out with air guitar. The lyrics are a political call against indifference of a two party system where you feel you don't matter. Lust is filled with the excitement of a new band wanting to show the world they're here. Bryan Minus & the Disconnect appeals to fans of indie rock, 90's alternative and even 70's rock. Emotionally evocative lyrics give the songs substance. Lust is single you'll want to wear out your record player with. It's catchy melody and lyrics with it's fresh spin on rock music is guaranteed to have you asking for more from a new promising band, Bryan Minus and the Disconnect. Lust - Bryan Minus ; The Disconnect, Wait and See - Bryan Minus ; The Disconnect