Waveless: Spirit Island (12-Inch Single)

Waveless: Spirit Island (12-Inch Single)


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Waveless is a three-piece from Minneapolis, Minnesota, playing layered, reverberating music. Its members formed the group after the demise of their short-lived noisy punk band Total Trash.Finding inspiration in the likes of Slowdive, Neil Young and Sonic Youth, Spirit Island is moody without being saccharine, sincere without being self-indulgent.... crunchy post-punk thats stiff and moody but slowed down with gigantic, gazey swells. The churning single 'Dark Day brushes up against a tide of effects pedals and bass as they sing of the summer solstice. Theres a weird lunar quality to Waveless that waxes punk then gently wanes in on itself, not unlike an actual wave. -Noisey My Apathy, Through Meditation, Dark Day, Tarantula, Yellowknife Bay