The Witchwoodsby Iron Bong (Vinyl Record)

Iron Bong: The Witchwoods (Vinyl LP)

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This is the third album from these mysterious Texas acid rockers, Iron Bong. The first two albums Big Hits and Holy Smoke sold out very quickly. Iron Bong Big Hits climbed as high as #14 on the Italian Subterreanea Charts. Crohinga Well said of Iron Bong one of the more recent and outstanding Texas bands with the guitar and song writing powers of Drew Wallace backing them. Big Hits a heavy psyched out affair and one of the ultimate Texas psych albums. The Dallas Observer says of Iron Bong this album reminds US that punk rock is still the voice of dissent. Ptolemaic Terrascope says positively a bong load of Texan acid Psychedelia then, heading for your head and primed to cause maximum disruption on impact. A trip through every known psychedelic signature, all milled together into a hash cake of staggering proportions. The Witchwoods is a very melodic guitar ride with Talking Salamanders and Manimators. These songs rock very hard in the vein of Led Zeppelin mixed with the dark psych of the Butthole Surfers. The sweet production and vocals of Eno meet Spirit. Hand numbered limited edition of 500.